10 Fact That You Should Travel to Iceland


1. The Midnight Sun in Iceland
Because Iceland is situated simply under the Arctic Circle, the summer time nights are brilliant with 24-hour sunlight hours from mid-May to overdue July.

The summer time solstice occurs between the 20 th and the twenty second of June, marking the time whilst the nighttime sun, Iceland’s airy crown jewel, sets just after midnight and rises again just before 3am

2. The Northern Lights in Iceland

Iceland’s region on the pinnacle of the world also guarantees that it’s miles a number of the very nice places on earth to see the northern lighting or aurora borealis. These incredible celestial wonders are usually visible in Iceland from September to mid-April and are one of the pinnacle motives for traveling Iceland outdoor of the brilliant summer months.

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3. The Icelandic Geothermal Baths

Iceland´s rich supply of water is by a long way its maximum valuable natural resource. Not most effective is the great of the consuming water exceptional because of an abundance of unspoilt mountain and glacier streams, but Iceland additionally has a long records of using geothermal strength as a source of power.

4. The Icelandic Whales

The ocean around Iceland provides best living conditions for over twenty species of whales, and in recent years, Iceland has steadily grown to become Europe’s whale watching capital.

5. The Þingvellir National Park in Iceland

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Located inside a 45-minute force from Reykjavík, the Þingvellir country wide park in south-west Iceland is a must see destination because of its ancient and geological significance. The Icelandic parliament, Alþingi, turned into founded in Þingvellir inside the year 930 and held its first sessions via the Almannagjá gorge, the rift valley of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.


6. The Icelandic Glaciers

Iceland is called the “Land of Ice and Fire” because of the severa glaciers and volcanos that are scattered around the island. 11% of Iceland’s landmass is blanketed by glaciers, the most important of which, Vatnajökull, protecting the greater part of the southern and significant highlands.

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7. The Food in Iceland

The Icelandic kitchen is a modern-day mirrored image of the gastronomic traditions of our forefathers. Fishing, farming and amassing on a volcanic island within the North Atlantic resulted in a fairly strange but simple preparation of the few ingredients humans should scrape together; for a millennium, Iceland provided a number of the harshest living conditions on earth, and its people’s eating regimen reflected that fact.

8. The Icelandic Mountains

Icelandic is beset with so many mountain ranges that the most diligent of mountaineers might be stored busy for a number of lifetimes. Even the capital is surrounded by a great variety of peaks and a twenty-minute power can take you far from the town and onto a hiking trail.

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9. The Icelandic Horse

The unique animal referred to as the Icelandic horse has performed a key role in the cultural and historic development of the nation. This special breed has capticated animal enthusiasts for many years and for an extended time, it was Iceland’s main traveller attraction.

10. The Icelandic Volcanoes

Iceland exists because of volcanic eruptions, and there are still endless lively volcanoes around the island. Although you aren’t very likely to witness a volcanic eruption on a short visit to Iceland (but you by no means virtually know), severa volcano excursions explore the volcanic pressure that has fashioned Iceland from the beginning of time.