7 Tourist Attractions In Dubai That You Don’t Wanna Miss


Are you visiting Dubai for the first time? If your answer is yes, here are the top 7 tourist attractions in Dubai you should see. Dubai houses beautiful beaches, beautiful malls, tall buildings that will certainly mesmerize you. You will also get to experience the city’s rich tradition and culture. 

While you are planning your next visit to Dubai, you should check out these top 7 tourist attractions in Dubai. 

Top 7 Tourist Attractions In Dubai

  • Visit the Burj Khalifa

You cannot visit Dubai without going to look at the Burj Khalifa, Dubai’s landmark building. At 829.8 meters high, it is the tallest building on the world. Most visitors do not miss a trip to the observation deck on the 124th floor of the building. The view at this height across the city is simply awesome and beautiful, to say the least. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this experience when you visit the city of Dubai. 

  • Take a trip to the Dubai Mall.

The Dubai Mall is opulence exemplified and is popularly known for its Dubai shopping festival and Dubai Summer Surprises. You can’t possibly visit Dubai without taking a trip to the Dubai Mall. It is the city’s premier mall and also serves as an entry to the Burj Khalifa. If you desire more entertainment options, the mall has an ice-skating rink, gaming zone, cinema complex, amongst others.  

  • Dubai Underwater zoo
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This is a beautiful sight to behold, and you will undoubtedly love it. The underground zoo is an enormous transparent tank that is 11 meters high and 20 meters wide. It is filled with 10 million liters of water and contains about 140 different species of aquatic animals. Some of the animals you can find there include the King Croc, considered to be the world’s largest reptile weighing more than 750kg. 

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  • Visit the Wild Wadi with your family.

The Wild Wida is a top-rated amusement park that is situated in front of the Burj Khalifa. It is packed with fun-filled that you can enjoy with your beautiful family. If you are visiting Dubai with your kids, then you should take them to go see the Wild Wadi and also enjoy the Arabian folklore upon which the Wild Wadi is built. It is open from November to February (10 am-6 pm) and March to May (10 am – 7 pm), June to August (10 am-8 pm), and September to October (10 am-7 pm). 

  • The Dubai Creek
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This Dubai Creek is beauty at its peak and is a must-visit if you are in Dubai with your spouse. The Picturesque of the Creek makes it one of the romantic places in Dubai. It is ideal for couples and family members. Dubai Creek is natural seawater that passes through the center of the city. 

  • See Global Village.

If you want to enjoy an excellent performance from global artists and pleasant shopping experience, visit the global village. The Global Village food joints where you can enjoy delicious cuisines while you are being entertained. It is open from November to March every year.

  • Desert Safari 

You wouldn’t want to miss exploring the deserts meshing into the unknown. If you’re going to experience a feeling of Dubai without the buzzing of city life, Desert Safari will do the job for you correctly. This is one of the activities you can indulge in with your friends when you visit Dubai.

  • The Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House
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If you want to have a feel of Arabian architecture, pay a visit to the house of Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum. He was the ruler of Dubai from 1921 to 1958, and his residence has been restored as a museum. Initially, the house was built in 1896 by Sheikh Saeed’s father to enable him to observe shipping activities from his balconies. You will get to see the Dubai Museum of Historical Photographs and Documents. There are many letters, maps, coins, and stamps in the building, showing you the development of the Emirate.