Mouth Watering Paying Careers In Russia For Foreigners: How To Get Your Dream Job


Russia is a country located in Eurasia, and there are lots of jobs for foreign nationals in Russia. However, you must know how and where to find these jobs in Russia. If you are looking for jobs in Russia, this guide is for you.

There are lots of employment opportunities in Russia, and experts are among the best-paid professionals. 

What Are Your Chances Of Finding Jobs In Russia?

Seeking for an employment opportunity in Russia is a good quest, but you have got to have what it takes. Working in cities like Moscow or St. Petersburg is a viable choice for anyone looking to gain experience in the energy sector and construction. 

A city like Moscow alone makes about a quarter of the country’s total GDP. It is Russia’s financial and economic center. This capital city has the lowest unemployment rate in the whole of Russia. As a foreigner in search of jobs in Russia, Moscow is undoubtedly your best bet to get a job. The biggest companies in Russia and a multitude of corporations have their headquarters in Russia. 

Many of these multi-national companies often look for English speakers or foreign nationals with valued skills. If you are searching for jobs in Russia for English speakers, you should consider going to Moscow. Most of the experts working in Moscow are manufacturing, refining, and electronics. 

The city of St. Petersburg is also full of employment opportunities for foreigners in Russia. The Federal Migration Service has estimated that migrants will make up about 2/5th of the workforce in the city. Although St. Petersburg is smaller than Moscow, the prices for services and merchandise are almost the same. However, the average pay is about 2-3 times better in Moscow. The average take-home salary for residents in St. Petersburg is about $750 per month. 

Types Of Employment Contracts In Russia 

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There are three types of employment contracts in Russia that you need to know. 

The employment contract with free text

This contains current contracts which do not have any exact term of validity. However, it does have the condition of termination. 

  • Employment contract with a definite time frame 
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The validity of this type of contract is up to five years. However, it is made when a temporary employee is given a permanent contract. 

  • Employment contract for seasonal work 

This type of contract is only valid for two months. 


Are You Eligible To Work In Russia?

Before you can work in Russia as a foreign national, you must possess a work permit. The Russian Federal Migration Service issues work permits to foreigners before they can be permitted to work in Russia. You require having a full work visa before you can work in Russia, but there are certain exceptions to the rule. Here are some of the exceptions:

  • Those who already possess a permanent residence permit in Russia.
  • The people who are working temporarily for a foreign country or who are often traveling outside the country. 
  • A business visa will allow you to work in Russia for 90 days without a work permit
  • Those who are on diplomatic missions, international organizations, and consular institutions.
  • Media representatives who are accredited in Russia
  • Academics invited in the country to teach in educational institutions. 

High Demand Jobs In Russia For Foreigners 

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Depending on your skillset, experience, and background, finding a job in Russia may not be easy. In Moscow, there is a high demand for foreign experts, although it is limited to some sectors. Such sectors include human resources, IT, business development, and finance. 

Other job opportunities include teaching your native language, working for a multi-national corporation, or being a nanny. Russian companies in the energy sector and NGOs also present a good employment opportunity for you. 

In a city like St. Petersburg, the greatest demand for workers are in a sales manager, salesperson, engineers, drivers, etc. Most of the English peaking jobs, especially in Moscow and St. Petersburg, are teaching English and translation job. You must note that the steady availability of employment is never guaranteed. 

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