South Africa Simplified Visas And Work Permits


South African immigration regulations and criteria for success in South Africa as a holder of a visa or work permit may seem intricate to future employers and immigrants. There are five different categories for work permits only. With the transition from the UK to a point immigration system with Australia, this style of requirement has become standard and immigration rules regarding work permits and visas.

South African work permits and visa options for immigration to South Africa
Work permit quotas – South Africa lacks skills in certain occupations and this is recognized by the Ministry of Labor. It is periodically reviewed in light of current human resources and reviewed. They can apply for a work permit for people with the right qualifications and experience. The main advantage of a quota work permit is that it can be issued before a person obtains a job, which greatly facilitates job search.

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Exceptional competence license – Assessed on a case-by-case basis. This permit applies to people with unique skills, experience and qualifications.

General work permit
Applicants who do not fall under the other categories must apply for a general work permit. General work permits can only be requested after receiving a job offer and it should be noted that the employer must provide proof that he has taken certain steps to search for a suitable South African before proposing work to a stranger.

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Individual agricultural worker permit
Several companies need to recruit and a certain number of internationals, either because of a lack of skills in South Africa. The unique requirement to fulfil the role (for example, an international language requirement). The organization can apply for a business permit allowing it to recruit a certain number of people for certain positions. Companies holding these permits can as well apply for an individual business permit for their international staff.

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Business Permits
Businesses can prevent the immigration process by applying for a business permit. This permit is suitable for businesses that have several vacancies that they believe may need to fill foreign workers over the next 2 to 3 years.

With global competition for a skilled workforce and the travel spirit of people, immigration is an integral part of the recruitment strategies of employers and workers. Knowing the right license can only help and often gives the employer and the employee a head start in achieving the desired result.

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