The 5 Best Law Enforcement Jobs You Can Consider In The United States Of America


One of the most honourable professions in the United State of America is that of law enforcement. They are present at all levels, from the city police to the federal agent. Most departments are still looking for qualified people to join them. When deciding on a career in law enforcement, there is a myriad of agencies to choose from, here are top five to consider.

Police officer
The policeman is most often at the city level. They are responsible for the general application of laws in the cities for which they work. Entry requirements vary by department. However, most departments require that you be at least 18 years old. Educational requirements can range from a high school diploma to a university degree. Applicants should also go to a department of the police academy. The average salary in the United States for a police officer is $ 53,540.

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Game warden
There are gamekeepers at the local, state and federal levels. The job of the game warden is to enforce wildlife and fishing laws. This branch of law enforcement is ideal for someone who enjoys the outdoors. Most of the working time will be outside. Training and education requirements vary by level. The average salary for game wardens in the United States is $ 56,030.

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Federal Research Agency
The FBI is probably the most talked-about of all law enforcement functions. The FBI falls under the mandate of the Department of Justice. They have great latitude in the areas covered. Most federal investigations are under the authority of the FBI. Without exception, all applicants must have a four-year degree. Minimum age of 23 is also required, with a maximum of 37. The starting salary for an FBI agent will be around $ 43,441. The salary will drop to $ 129,517.

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Marshal of the United States
Probably one of the oldest branches of federal law enforcement, marshals are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the federal judiciary. They are responsible for the transfer of detainees, the protection of bailiffs and the management of the witness protection program. All applicants must have a four-year course; however, the commissioners’ service authorizes a combination of professional experience and training. The minimum age is 21, with a maximum of 37. Once selected, candidates must follow a 17½ week training academy.

Secret Service
This agency is best known for protecting the President of the United States. The secret services are placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance so that most of their responsibility consists in investigating monetary crimes such as counterfeiting. Each candidate must be 21 years old, up to a maximum of 37 years old. Applicants must have obtained a four-year diploma in the upper third of the class. Prospective agents undergo extensive training. It starts with the basic 10-week criminal investigation program in Glynco, Georgia. Once completed, officers are required to complete basic 17-week special agent training in Washington, D.C.The starting salary for a secret service agent is $ 43,964.

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