Tour and Guide Needed for Zagreb of Croatia


These days there are numerous methods to look Zagreb and plenty of sides of Zagreb to look. You can gaze out over the city by means of balloon, whiz around it through Segway or get to recognize the town by way of night or from the attitude of an urban planner of the 1890s. Children are not forgotten either, and excursions can be tailored for younger ones.

The Real City

The Real City is just that, a guided walk over the river Sava to peer how locals live and interact within the communal blocks created after World War II. This half-day tour from the city centre to Novi (‘New’) Zagreb touches on city planning, architecture, history and transport. Part of the adventure is through tram. You get to admire a number of the city’s quality street art and emerge as acquainted with a aspect of Zagreb tourists hardly ever see.

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Cooking Croatia through Papica

‘Cooking Croatia by way of Papica’ is a hands-on, all-day gastronomic adventure, concerning a adventure around Zagreb’s main Dolac market, a cooking lesson and a ride again in time. Once Željka Stošić has taken you spherical the traders’ stalls, explaining what to appearance for, sat you down for a coffee there, then taken you back to her flat at nearby Britanski trg, she gets you to work with all of the fresh components you purchased. The recipes are her grandmother’s, the dining room set up with genuine Habsburg-technology plates and cutlery.

Mysterious Zagreb

Scheduled 3 times a week and always after dark, Mysterious Zagreb goes under the alternate name of the Ghosts and Dragons Tour. This is one in which your guide uncovers the darker facets of the metropolis’s records, its witch hunts and mystery societies, its apparitions and its legends. There is a cultural issue too, for the reason that walk also takes in literary figures with a shady past. The excursion begins at the Kamenita vrata, the Stone Gate, and covers much of the Upper Town over the route of 1 hour and 45 minutes. Take strong shoes for the cobblestone streets.

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Zagreb by means of Segway


Zagreb’s flat, grid-patterned, easy-to-negotiate streets, at least in the Lower Town, lend themselves to excursions by means of these reputedly ponderous modes of person transportation. The fundamental Segway enterprise in town offers 4 types of excursion, starting with the Basic Ride, a 50-minute experience across the so-known as Lenuci Horseshoe of show off squares and concrete parks, then transferring directly to the longer and greater hard Zagreb All Around Tour inclusive of the steep Upper Town. There’s also the opportunity to undertake a similar excursion after dark, Zagreb Nightflight.

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The parents at Secret Zagreb have prepare something surely quite unusual. Zagrebarium is a study how scientists, engineers and designers of a century ago estimated their metropolis to be in the future. The tour takes in the enlargement and development of Zagreb within the past due 1800s and early 1900s, peering into the minds of inventors which includes Nikola Tesla, a current of Edison. Your guide attire as they could have achieved in Tesla’s day, and a journey in the funicular also echoes the Zagreb of the 1890s.

Zagreb via balloon

With more than 25 years of revel in, the Zagreb Balloon Club organises flights all year round, mornings and evenings. For 60 minutes, travelers are taken up over the town earlier than gliding over the mild hills of nearby Zagorje, the local pilot indicating the primary landmarks to appearance out for. The whole experience lasts round two or three hours, together with inn pickup and poo upon landing. Balloons can accommodate 4 to six people; a -man or woman flight can also be arranged.

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Secret Zagreb with Kids

All kids love a mystery, so this excursion combines history, legends and hidden aspects to the metropolis, tailor-made for families. Popular with Croatian faculty parties, Secret Zagreb with Kids runs for half-a-day and can be tailored to healthy the wishes and ages of these taking part. An ice cream wreck is continually scheduled, regardless of the weather, as is a experience on the funicular. The English-talking tour publications have kids of their own and are attuned to what makes younger minds tick.